Thursday, July 26, 2012

Meet Kojo, My Dogson

Have you met Kojo?
Kojo is my second child.
And I am his adopted mother.
So I guess that would make him my dogson.
Not Dachshund. But dogson.
My dog that I consider my son.

Dogson is a new word of mine and I can't wait to use it!

Random stranger: Your dog is so cute!
Me: Thanks! He's my dogson, Kojo.
Random stranger: (puzzled look) He doesn't look like a dachshund.
Me: He's not, silly! He's an Irish Wolfhound and Lab mix.

If you were to meet Kojo, you may think he's perhaps a little weird.
Definitely bi-polar, ADHD and a lot socially awkward.

He's just not your typical dog.
I still consider him my other baby.


 Because of moments like this


How lucky am I? Not only do I have an awesome dog, but Jaxsen has a playmate that I didn't have to carry for 9 months. I consider that pretty darn lucky.

So cute.

It's a love/hate thing though. 2 seconds later and she's beating the crap out of him.


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