Monday, June 25, 2012

The Color Run in Pictures

If The Color Run is going to be in your town, sign up ASAP! It is one of the funnest things you'll do in yo life! You can be as fast as Marion Jones or as slow as a turtle to participate. You can even bring your kiddos. Basically, you go to the race wearing a white shirt and as you go through the checkpoints, they throw colored cornstarch on you.
 Hence, The Color Run. I ran with my funnest friend Morgan.
(Apparentely "funnest" isn't a word but I beg to differ.)

Rolling around in the color.

After the run, they had a mini concert and the DJ said he needed some people to come dance on stage.
This is us waiting in line to own that stage.

This is Morgan getting up from doing the worm in front of 10,000 people.
Stage = Owned

It was really an amazing time! Again if it comes to your city, sign up! You won't be disappointed!


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