Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Party & An Accidental Tutorial

Today was Jaxsen's Valentine's Day party! I am POSITIVE that I enjoy these shindigs farrr more than she does. The kid inside of me wants to decorate a cookie, listen to a story, and eat my heart shaped PB&J afterwards. Some (DJ) would say I am living vicariously through my child. I can't argue. I would love to be a kid again. Arts and crafts, naps, snow days and you can throw a temper tantrum in public without getting thrown into a mental hospital!?!?! Heck yes, sign me up! I'll be a kid again!


Cookie decorating.

This is when I got really happy! I realized that after she eats that cookie, she is going to be super hyper BUT she has 3 more hours at school and her teachers get to deal with all the "fun!" Side note: She was too cracked out at school to take a nap so she is taking one right now.
Double whammy!

Girl talk.

Lots of goodies.

I found this Valentine tutorial on Pinterest and it turned out fabulous! The hardest part was getting a good picture. I bribed her with cookies and she still wouldn't cooperate.

Me: "Hold up your arm, look at the camera, and laugh." 
Jaxs: (Arm halfway up, looking at her dad and almost crying). 

We gave up.

Then daddy saved the day! He got her to take the picture, the next day, on the second try!
I uploaded the picture to Picnik, added some stickers, text, and saved it.

(Pals is an acronym they use at her school and yes, I did fix that punctuation error).

I printed them on HP Premium Plus Photo Paper. Then I cut a slit at the top and bottom of her fist. Inserted the lollipop and done-ski!
This really wasn't meant to be a tutorial. Oh well, it was too easy not to share!

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